The Benevolent Bigfoot

Bigfoot is a creature that comes from the hollow Earth like Reptilians and Jersey Devil creatures. Because Bigfoots come out of subterranean areas of the Earth, they are often assumed to be Reptilian aliens. This can be no further from the truth. Bigfoot creatures are not sinister creatures like the Reptilians. Bigfoot creatures are absolutely benevolent and could not harm a fly. If you’ve ever wondered why so few have actually seen Bigfoot, it’s because Bigfoots are quite shy. They are probably the most shy beings in the known universe. The main reason they do not leave behind any footprints is explained by the fact that they hover just 2 inches above the ground.


The Bigfoot Hovers Just Two Inches Above The Ground As You Cannot See In This Photo

Bigfoot is not an endangered species like the Jersey Devil. There are actually more Bigfoot organisms than Reptilians and humans combined. It’s not completely known why Bigfoot creatures have not defeated the Reptilians and stopped the Reptilians’ slow and sinister takeover of Earth. Many speculate that the Bigfoots have good faith in humans to keep control of their own power on the surface of the Earth. Some also speculate that the Bigfoots will come and help humans at a critical time when humans need help the most.

If you ever encounter a Bigfoot, do not take fright. If you take fright, the Bigfoot will assume you to be irrational and will not take the time to reveal any wisdom to you. Instead, if you see a Bigfoot, be prepared to ask important questions like, “what is the meaning of life?” The Bigfoot will be prepared to answer this and other important questions. If you come upon what appears to be a Bigfoot and it is trying to maul you, then it is obviously not a Bigfoot and is some kind of ape that escaped from the zoo. Do not get this confused with Bigfoot.

Remember to do your own research and discover your own facts!

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