Disinformation About the Denver Airport Continues to Spread

I’ve recently pointed out the importance of being a legitimate fringe conspiracy theorist and being skeptical of conspiracy theorists that might have actually been in on it all along. Unfortunately, the epicenter of all the real conspiracies has been the subject of a campaign of disinformation. Take for example William Tapley:


First of all, he doesn’t know the basic facts. Denver International is shaped like a swastika because it is run by the Nazi reptilian New World Order. It’s O’hare airport that’s shaped like a penis because they are in league with the Penis Aliens of Proxima Centauri. This is enough to make me think Tapley might be an amateur, but it’s the next piece of evidence that convinced me. If you look at timestamp 2:44 you’ll notice him singing hypnotically. Perhaps he is trying to embed subliminal messages into the public to further some clandestine agenda. I don’t know for sure what those might be, but they are certainly centered on distracting us from the shape-shifting reptoids that run our government. He may even be one of them. After all, he claims to be the “third eagle of the apocolypse.” Doesn’t this beg the question of what happened to the first and second eagles of the apocalypse? It’s possible that they are buried in his back yard, or possibly dumped into a river. We may never know for sure.

Another unqualified conspiritorialist is Annalee Newitz. She posts at length about the evil horse statue at the Denver Airport without even realizing that the statue was put there as a red herring to distract from the mural that decloaks!

This mural might seem normal now, but that is only because it is decloaked in this picture.

The mural is the key to understanding the entire conspiracy. Just keep looking at it until it recloaks and you’ll understand. Those who are in on it are compelled to accidentally leave clues and this one exposes the entire nazi reptoid plot to poison the planet with the help of the freemasons. I get the impression that Newitz has had the wool pulled over her eyes like so many sheeple. She even reposts that reptilian collaborator Tapley’s videos. Not to mention Jesse Ventura. I have no idea what Ventura is up to, but it’s surely sinister.

As always, do your own research and discover your own facts.

One thought on “Disinformation About the Denver Airport Continues to Spread

  1. Dear Steven,
    Thanks for that, With well over 20 million illegal aliens believed to be in the country according to information obtained through ICE personnel and extensive ongoing data collection research referenced on the Immigration Counters website estimating 23 million, how many of the illegals do you believe will vote in the upcoming November elections?

    Ongoing registration of voters who have no right to even be in the country is something ICE appears to be fully aware of. Discussions with an especially forthcoming agent who seemed to carefully choose individual words while his message intentionally hid little, provided information through inference and specifics alike according to the best available ICE data. The agent willingly referred to issues recognizable to many in this forum in numbers he believed few could imagine, including the drawn out precursor to his agency’s estimate of those who don’t belong as being WELL over 20 million. Because of the enormity of the growing number, determined illegals and liberal progressives strive to cover up what’s taking place by way of extensive disinformation campaigns that would undoubtedly be regarded as impressive within government and military clandestine organizations skilled as well as reliant on the tactic. Some of their contributions can be found here with barely related parroted quips, name-calling, surprisingly imaginative unsupported statistics and rants, and personal attacks as extensions of the disinformation campaign. While their contributions are meant to be distracting and maybe to amuse or impress fellow illegals and radical Liberals, few willing to do modest research on the numbers and voter fraud are likely to fall prey to the intentional disinformation.

    A local voter registration drive reaching tens of thousands of Denver metro Hispanics with no citizenship kicked into high gear over the summer in the State’s largest and busiest Social Services Office, at the Richard T. Castro Human Services complex. And anyone not entirely familiar with the registration activities taking place through Latino community organizations nationwide independent from the public HS Offices, which compound the numbers, may be less than satisfied with the inclusion of non-citizens intent on swaying the vote. A link to photos from the local registration drive is included with other evidence of the disturbing trend in the metro area through the flickr site below.

    Since the extensive Social Services voter registration activities reach far beyond the Denver area, and Latino organizations nationwide aggressively contribute to increasing the ranks of registered Latinos, citizenship notwithstanding, our elections are becoming progressively more tainted with individuals who should not be voting. Several links will be included for those of you willing to thoughtfully consider the numbers of illegals you believe might vote, while the question similarly includes how many do you feel should vote. And if any of you believe who should vote includes a large bloc of outsiders and non-citizens, then perhaps you can answer one additional question. How many Canadian citizens do you feel would be acceptable to bus southward across the border to cast votes in tightly contested races where Republicans and Conservatives could benefit from a boost courtesy of our adjacent northerly neighbor? Keeping the U.S. intact, economically solvent, and limiting the extent of socialist change is typically considered to be more of a priority amongst our northern neighbors than the 20 to 24 million illegals believed to be in the country from our southern neighbor whose most widespread exports appear to be drugs and uneducated laborers. Surprising numbers of the latter group are not literate in their own language, much less ours, and in their own country this group is regularly referred to as peons.

    Please consider the words of some politically astute individuals who’ve earned a place of honor in history and cared about the Republic in ways the far left obviously does not:

    “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the Republic.” — Ben Franklin

    “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.” — Alexis du Tocqueville
    BTW great blogpost

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