Disinformation About the Denver Airport Continues to Spread

I’ve recently pointed out the importance of being a legitimate fringe conspiracy theorist and being skeptical of conspiracy theorists that might have actually been in on it all along. Unfortunately, the epicenter of all the real conspiracies has been the subject of a campaign of disinformation. Take for example William Tapley:


First of all, he doesn’t know the basic facts. Denver International is shaped like a swastika because it is run by the Nazi reptilian New World Order. It’s O’hare airport that’s shaped like a penis because they are in league with the Penis Aliens of Proxima Centauri. This is enough to make me think Tapley might be an amateur, but it’s the next piece of evidence that convinced me. If you look at timestamp 2:44 you’ll notice him singing hypnotically. Perhaps he is trying to embed subliminal messages into the public to further some clandestine agenda. I don’t know for sure what those might be, but they are certainly centered on distracting us from the shape-shifting reptoids that run our government. He may even be one of them. After all, he claims to be the “third eagle of the apocolypse.” Doesn’t this beg the question of what happened to the first and second eagles of the apocalypse? It’s possible that they are buried in his back yard, or possibly dumped into a river. We may never know for sure.

Another unqualified conspiritorialist is Annalee Newitz. She posts at length about the evil horse statue at the Denver Airport without even realizing that the statue was put there as a red herring to distract from the mural that decloaks!

This mural might seem normal now, but that is only because it is decloaked in this picture.

The mural is the key to understanding the entire conspiracy. Just keep looking at it until it recloaks and you’ll understand. Those who are in on it are compelled to accidentally leave clues and this one exposes the entire nazi reptoid plot to poison the planet with the help of the freemasons. I get the impression that Newitz has had the wool pulled over her eyes like so many sheeple. She even reposts that reptilian collaborator Tapley’s videos. Not to mention Jesse Ventura. I have no idea what Ventura is up to, but it’s surely sinister.

As always, do your own research and discover your own facts.

Is Bin Laden Really Dead?

I’ve been receiving quite a bit of email regarding the supposed death of Osama Bin Laden.  Here’s an example:

Dear Dr. Novakowsky,
I am an aspiring conspiracy theorist and have learned the truth about the Obama administration’s cover-up of Bin Laden’s continued living.  It’s obvious that Obama is lying about killing Osama so that he can let Osama continue to pretend to attack the U.S., so that Obama can continue to kill American civilians just like Bush did.  I could not possibly make this any clearer. Please help me expose the truth!

Aspiring Conspiracy Theorist, Mitchell Last-Name-Redacted

While I appreciate Mitchell’s enthusiasm, and really wish that I would have redacted my last name before NASA assassins learned about me and began hunting me, I’m afraid I have to burst the bubble.

This situation is way more complicated than Mitchell thinks. I do believe that the official explanation from the Reptilian One World Government (Obama) that Bin Laden was made of swamp gas and weather balloons is not particularly believable.

There are some other major holes in the official version of events, as usual.  For instance, if they killed Bin Laden and buried him at sea, then why did mosque building 7 collapse nearby? Also, why did all Bin Laden’s minions know that we went after Bin Laden? Our shadow government likes to keep secrets, so I doubt they would have let a terrorist organization know they were going to kill their leader.  This is another piece of evidence that al Qaeda has been in on it all along. Perhaps even assisting the U.S. Government in terrorist activities.

Even if the black ops team did kill Bin Laden, how can I believe it? I could only believe it if I am the one who killed him. Even then I cannot trust myself either, because the government (reptilians) might have made me hallucinate that. Trust no one!

The official argument that Bin Laden must have been killed is that the people in connection with him would notice that he was at one point alive and is now dead. This might be compelling, except that the whole country of Pakistan is in on the conspiracy.

So in conclusion, I sympathize with the public’s newfound desire to uncover the truth.  But you don’t get to just start out as a full-fledged conspiracy theorist. You have to intern as a conspiracy hypothesist for several years first.

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What You May Not Know About Jesse Ventura

While I’ve already informed you that Jesse Ventura is not to be trusted as a source of conspiratorial facts, only now am I ready to reveal some of the disturbing findings I’ve uncovered.

-He was the second shooter on the grassy knoll.

-He was the second iceberg that destroyed the Titanic.

-He piloted the UFO that crashed into Roswell.

-Was secretly the Predator alien the whole time.

-He believes transparency in government will make you a goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus.

-Was secretly born in Kenya and Thailand.

-Is made of pure HAARP/HAARPSICORD energy and lives in the Aurora Borealis.

-Is a secret libertarian who is not obsessed with conspiracies.

-Ventura is the entire membership of the Illuminati.

-He fucked your mother.

-Had a job and it was on the inside of something.

-He is the secret cause of Dutch Oak Disease.

-Ventura writes shitty emo poetry.

-Has an hard outer shell with a creamy chocolate center.

-Intentionally paralyzed Stephen Hawking and keeps him drugged so that he cannot solve physics equations.

-Jesse Ventura was in on it all along.

The Philadelphia Experiment

In 1943, right off the bank of Philadelphia, several Navy soldiers and Navy engineers embarked on an experiment that would be forever known as the Philadelphia experiment. 

The “official goal” was to make some advanced cloaking technology for the US Navy to have a tactical advantage against the Germans in WWII.  But the plan may have been more sinister than that.  Because when the cloaking vessel decloaked…it still wasn’t visible!

Some conspiracy theorists think the Navy vessel and the crew were all turned into Philadelphia submarine sandwiches infamously known as philly cheesesteaks.  Can you say, “soylent philly is people.”?

Were these poor Navy personnel turned into philly cheesesteaks or were they used in some even more sinister plot?

Others believe the Navy vessel was used as an inside job during the 911 attacks.  The evidence for this is how the jumbo jets that crashed into the WTC look strangely like Navy ships in the extra grainy video footage. 

One thing is for sure.  The Navy was using teleportation technology two years before the United States created the first atomic bomb.  Which just goes to show you that advanced teleportation technology is possible with mere diesel engines.  The 911 theory seems the most logical to me because the supposed airplanes that crashed into the WTC have been shown to cloak an then decloak sporadically. 

As always, do your own research and discover your own facts!

UFOs over Jerusalem?

I don’t know if anyone really knows what these lights over Jerusalem were but one question comes to mind.  Who is this light?  Some experts believe the light was some kind of Israeli superweapon.  Could be…. but it could also be some Iranian superweapon.

Or the light could be Ahmedinejad himself!  Ahmedinejad could have taken his corporeal suit off and flew around like a Persian ball of pure energy giving us an omen of bad things to come in 2012.  This bright Ahmedinejad ball could have also been responsible for the recent 40 trillion bird death over that one state last month.

I don’t know if this light over the Jewish Temple was Ahmedinejad or even Persian but I know it cannot be explained as something purely physical.  It probably was some bigfoot slender man kind of character, if you want my expert opinion.

Is Ahmedinejad trying to wipe Israel off the map in the form of pure energy?

As always, do your own research and discover your own facts!

The Sinister Motives Behind HAARP

Officially, HAARP is the auroral research facility in Alaska. I think that’s a little too official to be true. It is probably not located in Alaska, but rather some more devious location. Perhaps it is located near a compound, and probably run clandestinely.

Most sinister of all is whatever HAARP is really doing up (or down) there. Auroral research is based on the false premise that solar flares can cause a light show in the sky. Occam’s Razor states that this means the government is faking it as a cover.

I urge my readers to be skeptical of the acronym as well. There’s no telling what “HAARP” really stands for. Perhaps “Heightened Active Animal Reaction Program”. What would that be exactly? No one knows and it likely would be a distraction anyway, as HAARP is probably not the real acronym…maybe it is FGJUS or YUOL. Maybe it actually is HAARP, but in some secret order like REAPAH.

HAARP, or whatever it is, is definitely not a thing you want to mess with. I know people who have worked at Dreamland, the Plum Island Research Facility, and even people who worked on the documentary “the Philadelphia Experiment,” but even I don’t know anyone who works for HAARP. I know a lot of people, so that probably means everyone at HAARP is either dead, dead now, previously dead, born dead, or some other kind of dead.

And what is that mysterious white substance littering the ground near HAARP? Probably something sinister.

Although HAARP is quite famous (or rather infamous) among our conspiracy brethren and sistren, less familiar is HAARPSICORD. HAARPSICORD is a clandestine compound located in Belgium. Rumors have it that they’re attempting to curse us all with powdered wigs and incessant noises from Johann Sebastian Bach’s Brandenberg concertos. You may be familiar with the Taos hum caused by HAARP, but you should definitely familiarize yourself with the Brussels hum. Brussels is the de facto capital of the EU! This is scary indeed! Soon, all our children will be consumed alive by EURO-filled harpsicords. The most frightening thing of all is that the Brussels harpsicords cannot be defeated because our weapons are not measured in SI units but–Brussels harpsicords are.

As always, do your own research and discover your own facts!

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