Dick Morris and Sean Hannity May Not Be Reptilians After All!

I was looking for the latest data concerning G20 conspiracy theories when I found this video!

I was aghast by what I was hearing! Bill Clinton’s former advisor Dick Morris was telling Sean Hannity that the April 2nd G20 London Summit would be the time when the blueprint would be laid for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to control the Fed and ultimately the world!

Does this mean that Dick Morris, Sean Hannity, and even the Fox News channel may not be under the control of Reptilians?

I wouldn’t come to this conclusion so quickly.

After all, Morris and Hannity both appeared completely wrong about how the world would be ruled. They don’t admit to the idea that Reptilians are behind it all. They also plainly do not believe that 9/11 was an inside job.

Hmmm….my conspiracy oriented mind just doesn’t know what to make of them. For once, I can’t seem to just read a conspiracy into something! Dammit!

Oh man, I think I know now!

There’s two possibilities, folks.

1) Grey aliens really do exist. And Hannity and Morris are Greys trying to expose the Reptilians, so that Morris and Hannity can later take control of things once the Reptilians are defeated.

2) Morris and Hannity are just the same ol’ Reptilians spreading lies. They’re trying to create an alternative scenario of how the world could be controlled. They’re saying the world could be controlled by the IMF, instead of the World Trade Organization (WTO). That way, all the conspiracy minded people can focus only on the IMF, while some other world group takes control. Thus creating just another distraction.

Whichever possibility we’re left with, I can only say that both are equally grim. Once the Reptilians are exposed and defeated, who can defeat the Greys? While I don’t usually believe in Greys or Zetas (as some call them), I am beginning to wonder. The other possibility that we’re left with is just as grim since if we’re all distracted by the IMF, then the WTO, or even the World Health Organization (WHO) might take control of everything.

Sorry to leave you guys on a dire note. Please stay tuned for more developing situations.

Don’t necessarily believe what Dick Morris is saying here because he might be feeding you another Reptilian lie. Or he might be just stupid and be an uninformed conspiracy theorist who is not yet aware of the Reptilians. Either way, watch this video with skepticism.

Don’t believe anything you hear. Do your own research. Discover your own facts. Homeschool your own kids (except if you’re a Reptilian, in which case, you should go back into the hollow earth from whence you came!).

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More Media Distractions from The Reptilian Controlled Fed

The media campaign of distracting attention away from the Fed and focusing on other less important issues has been a common theme lately.

I was watching Fox News just the other day and found myself disturbed at this level of media distraction.  Chris Wallace (clearly not in on the Reptilian takeover) on Fox News Sunday interviewed Dick Cheney (Reptilian) about his thoughts on recent discussion about a probe into the CIA by President Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder (who is probably a Reptilian).

Fox News is running stories on probing the CIA and not the Fed?  The Reptilians are clever.

Every made up media event cleverly has a made up backstory.  The supposed backstory to this supposed Fox News Sunday interview (all media interviews are actually done with holograms) revolves around President Obama, who pledged in the past that he wouldn’t have a CIA probe into allegations of torture.   But  now that Obama vacationed in Martha’s Vineyard (possibly back to his own Reptilian home planet), Eric Holder wants to open up investigations into the CIA (Reptilian distraction!).

In response to the CIA probe, Wallace interviewed Cheney (another Reptilian distraction!) and Cheney, of course, pretended to think that Eric Holder  actually wants to run a probe into the CIA.    Also Cheney pretended to believe that Holder and Obama are doing this probe for purely partisan reasons and not at all for reasons related to a further distraction and Reptilian takeover.

Here’s the massive conspiracy distraction video right here:

I’ve noticed something startling from this interview.  If you watch the video closely, Dick Cheney’s lips actually indicate that he was saying “Fed” instead of “CIA” but Fox News clearly edited the sound to cover up his mistakes. Clearly the Fed is more on Cheney’s mind than the CIA. Also Dick Cheney’s lips read “Orlock”  on several occasions instead of  “Obama.”  Orlock is probably Obama’s Reptilian name.  Orlock sounds strangely similar to Stephen Colbert’s Gorlock, an alien that he takes advice from.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Look, this kind of bickering over the CIA looks like it matters but it really doesn’t. It’s all a distraction from my earlier post about the Bernanke identity theft story and how the story was completely made up. The Reptilians saw that post and knew they had to do something to distract away from my blog post.

I have to tell you folks. The most important thing right now is a complete investigation of the Federal Reserve and not just by a purely Reptilian auditing team that Rep. Barney Franks and Rep. Ron Paul want to distract us with. This whole debate over investigating the CIA is just a cover story so that we don’t focus on Ben Bernanke and his Reptilian minions.

You don’t have to believe what I’ve said. But just look at the facts. Do your own investigation!

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The Healthcare Debate Is Cooling Down!

America! What the hell is wrong with you?! It’s been about one month into this healthcare debate and you’re already beginning to cool down and evaluate the facts?

Whatever happened to discussions of death panels?

Yesterday Sen. Orrin Hatch brought up the idea that maybe the 47 million Americans uninsured are not merely poor. The Republican Policy Committee have actually produced falsifiable data such as this chart:

Republican Policy Committees Breakdown of Uninsured Americans

Republican Policy Committee's Breakdown of Uninsured Americans

Also CNN has responded and has disputed a few of the claims, citing PolitiFact.com.

The absurdity gets worse as discussions have now developed into how 85% of privately insured Americans are satisfied with their health insurance. And how a very high percentage of seniors insured with Medicare are also satisfied.

What the hell?! You mean we’re using facts now. I mean, if we’re going to use facts, we can at least put up a chart about how many grandmas will be executed!

The media doesn’t even spend time reporting on how many right-wing protestors bring guns anymore. What an outrage!

Gun-totin Protestor

Gun-totin' Protestor

How can we have any kind of angry impassioned healthcare debate anymore if we do not focus on images such as the one above?

The trend lately in the media and also in the culture lately has been healthcare fatigue. People are beginning to calm down and look at the facts. But facts may make you think too much outside whatever ideology you might have already had or what disgust you might already have had. It’s just not what’s right.

There are a few solutions to help bring back the passion to the healthcare debate.

-Basically, if you’re a conservative, then pretend everything that you’ve heard from the left on healthcare is coming only from Michael Moore. Basically, you have to only attack the position that healthcare is free, that it’s going to be universal, and that we should be jealous of Cuba’s healthcare.

-If you’re a liberal, then you need to pretend that everything you’ve heard from the right on healthcare is death panels. Also, continue to only focus on the super loud and obnoxious right-wing protestors and their guns. Don’t look at anything else. Don’t even bother to listen to what Sen. Orrin Hatch has said!

-Continue to use terms like Nazi and Brownshirts.

-Make predictions that violence is inevitable! I mean c’mon, that’s totally the kind of self-fulfilling prophecy we want right now.

-If you’re a liberal, pay attention only to what’s extreme about the right’s view (tune especially to MSNBC and listen only to what Keith Olbermann tells you).

-If you’re on the right, make sure you carry the Obama Hitler signs produced by Lyndon LaRouche. Never mind the fact that Lyndon LaRouche has already stated openly that he’s only pretending to be conservative so that he can get Republican money and the Republican Party already stands against him.

La Rouches Obama Hitler

La Rouche's Obama Hitler

-Make sure you rush the healthcare bill through Congress as fast as you can.

-Also make sure you kill the bill as fast as you can.

-Above all. Do not cite anything from the bill when discussing it.

To my absolute annoyance town-hall protestors are not making the news anymore. Either the media is to blame for this or the town-hall protestors. More disturbing is how the Democrats are discussing taking more time on this bill. No way, we need to rush this thing, we need more vitriol from people on the opposition. You wouldn’t want to have a dialogue with them. Just treat them like irrational animals! Focus on Bill Maher’s quick dismissal of small town Republican Americans as idiots and Sean Hannity’s dismissal of anyone on the left as either full-time protestors or Ivy League graduates.

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Most importantly and above all, whatever extreme position you find yourself in, you must feel deep down like you are the moderate. You must always try to win people over to your ideas by claiming just how moderate you are, while you look at any other person that disagrees with you as though they are from another planet!