Who Or What Are The Men In Black?

If any of you have heard of John Rhodes, then you will know by now that this man is a persistent researcher in the area of Men in Black and Reptilians. His research alone has produced volumes of data that not only prove the existence of Men in Black but their ubiquitous presence and ill-intents.

Men in Black are often referred to as MIBs for short. Men in Black are not the kind of people portrayed in the movie Men in Black or Men in Black II. Actual MIBs have been reported to dematerialize and re-materialize through people’s walls. They have also been reported to shift in and out of a Reptilian state of identity.

Much more importantly, MIBs will harass you if you have observed a UFO. Most people complain about how people who have been visited by ETs have no physical evidence. Is it any wonder why with MIBs destroying people’s evidence and intimidating them from going public?! Look, I don’t completely buy most Zeta abductions stories. Because I think a lot of alien abduction stories are a Reptilian distraction. But, I do think that some must be true, otherwise, why would there be no evidence of aliens visiting us? Clearly the lack of evidence of aliens visiting us must mean that there are some Reptilians destroying evidence in the form of MIBs.

Do you know why no one except for Admiral Byrd has ever made it to the North and South Pole? Sure, some people have claimed to go to the poles because they’re either Reptilians or they’ve been brainwashed by Reptilians/human MIBs to think that there are actual poles rather than openings into the Earth. Essentially, the Men in Black are everywhere and they even keep people from knowing the truth of the hollow Earth.

The omnipresence of the MIBs can be explained by the fact that so many agencies under the umbrella of the United Nations and world governments hire Men in Black to silence any one world/Reptilian opposition. Men in Black can come in the form of Reptilians, humans, and even Sasquatch-like entities. Also, MIBs are employed simply to silence rational debate.

Recent reports of Men in Black claim that the MIBs now wear bright purple or even yellow uniforms. These more noticeable uniforms make Men in Black (or Men in Various Colors) look less ominous and less secretive. But it fools no one, especially the people who are daily harassed and told not to question authority.

I commend people like John Rhodes because they do a great service at getting to the bottom of what’s really happening out there in the world your government doesn’t want you to know about.

Always remember: Do your own research and discover your own facts.

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A Letter Against The Credulous Fools at Carl Sagan’s Dance Party

“A Letter Against The Credulous Fools at Carl Sagan’s Dance Party” is a response submitted to Carl Sagan’s Dance Party by Dr. Sarah Kleinkriegspiel.

Dr. Sarah Kleinkriegspiel is an adjunct professor at Cornell University.  Her field of expertise is in Parapsychology but lately she’s been studying government coverups and hypnosis.

Her response is to a Unified Field Theory of Conspiracy Theories by Carl Sagan’s Dance Party’s expert Nicola Novakowsky.

I have to say that I am not impressed by your conspiracy expert Nicola Novakowsky’s level of analysis. I agree with Novakowsky’s premise that the Federal Reserve controls just about anything but do you really think Reptilians are behind it all? I completely and utterly disagree with his dismissal of Grey aliens as never having existed. I’ve dealt with patients under hypnosis and the fantastic description of the Greys or Zetas is indisputable.

I find this notion of the hollow earth intriguing but distracting. I don’t think there’s ever been any evidence that has indicated a hollow earth. I’m open-minded enough to believe that there is such a thing but I think we should pay a little more attention to the real data: e.g. crop circles, body scars, hypnosis, missing time, and women who go from being pregnant to not pregnant.

Global warming is caused by Reptilians? Where did you come up with that? Reptilians are peaceful aliens, sent to Earth to help us understand seemingly incomprehensible things like the soul and mind.

You really have to avoid these nonsense. The Federal Reserve is definitely trying to control the US and the world. But good honest aliens like the Reptilians could never be behind such a campaign of evil. Some of my patients under hypnosis have given me a clear insight into who the Zetas and Reptilians are. Reptilians side with good always. Zetas are far more powerful but have hidden intentions that my patients are still having difficulty comprehending. We can only hope that Zetas are peaceful in the end.

The 9/11 attacks are still disputable. Look, no one knows who caused them. I’m willing to admit my agnosticism on that. In fact, who is to say that there really were World Trade Towers in the first place? Has anyone ever seen them? I don’t know anyone who I can name that has gone and authentically seen them. And even if people have seen the Twin Towers, did they ever go inside the buildings? It could have been one giant hologram: just waiting to create the appearance of an attack just so the Fed could further control our lives.

I think most telling about Novakowsky’s lack of rigor is his belief in the Twin Towers. Honestly, I think all tall buildings purportedly constructed are just fictions. Not since the Tower of Babel have we built anything significantly tall. And we all know what happened – the tower came tumbling down! It’s a universal truth that what goes up must come down. Every manmade structure will not hold up for more than a couple of weeks. Why do you think there are demolitions? So that the building can be brought down before it would otherwise naturally fall down (basically keeping the illusion that we actually have the technology to keep buildings standing in the first place). Demolitions are always staged. I call on anyone to send me evidence that there is any building standing taller or as tall as the Tower of Babel and that this building has stayed standing for more than a few months!

Sorry, I went off on a tangent with my buildings argument. But I use this principal argument to illustrate just how absurd Carl Sagan’s Dance Party is for having terrible experts like Novakowsky. You guys should be ashamed!

This concludes my critique of Nicola Novakowsky.

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Unified Field Theory of Conspiracy Theories

I want to propose a unified field theory of conspiracy theories. Look all us conspiracy theorists know that there is a one world government of 12 people who control anything and everything. We’re just not sure how it works. Well let me dish it out for you guys.

Okay it’s quite obvious that the Fed, you know the Federal Reserve, is not actually controlled by Ben Bernanke. It’s actually controlled by 2 reptilian aliens who clearly control the 10 humans responsible for the 9/11 attacks. These 10 humans and 2 reptilians pretty much explain the Fed take over of the banking system and soon to be our national healthcare. Anyway, the damage has already been done. The Reptilians have everyone confused actually. People who believe that the grey aliens are from Zeta Reticuli are actually confused. There are no grey aliens. These seemingly peaceful grey aliens are actually reptilian aliens in disguise sent to make sure that we never return to the gold standard. Because if we ever return to the gold standard our currency could no longer be manipulated by the evil reptilian Federal Reserve aliens.

What A Reptilian Disguised As A Human Might Appear Like

What A Reptilian Disguised As A Human Might Appear Like

Look a lot of people think that the aliens arrived on our planet back in 1947 during what is called the Roswell crash. Reptilian aliens were actually discovered there but this has come to be a massive distraction from the real attack. In 1941 the supposed Japanese military attacked Pearl Harbor. Unbeknownst to everyone except for the Majestic 12 (which are some of the same people who now control the Fed), it was actually the Reptilian aliens. The confusion is that the Reptilians come from outer space. Unfortunately this could be no further from the truth since they reside in the hollow earth!

The hollow earth explains why NASA is continuously always trying to distract us from our own planet when it keeps focusing on Mars. The more you focus on other planets the less attention you pay to your own and how obvious it is that there are two openings at the North and the South pole into our own planet! It’s funny that NASA now wants us to pay attention to Mars so much when it was just 90 years ago that Mars actually used to be a planet teaming with life that was Eden like. Look at the facts: astronomers were observing what appeared to be canal like structures on the planet and this led them to believe that there was life. Well, there actually was! That was until the Reptilians discovered it just in time to be able to obliterate the peaceful life that once lived there. No one knows for sure what kind of life was on there. I guess we’ll never know. Some suspect that life might exist in the hollow of Mars. I myself suspect that the “face on Mars” is actually one of the Martians’ last monuments right before they were destroyed. The reason I suspect this is because the face on Mars looks sad. I think the monument’s sadness reflects their sadness.

Speaking of NASA distracting us, the whole faked moon landing situation can be entirely explained by the fact that NASA did not want the Russians to actually go to the moon. They wanted the Russians to think we beat them and thus decrease their morale. And do you know why that would be the case? They didn’t want the Russians to discover that the Earth had two openings to the hollow of it at the North and South poles. These openings are so big that they can be seen from the vantage point of the moon! The reason why the Russians can be trusted to give out the truth is that Russia has a colder climate than the United States. Reptilians living on the inside of the Earth are only exposed to the warm air trapped inside the hollow earth thus Reptilians cannot stand the cold Russian climate. Thus Russia is not infiltrated by Reptilians. But this may soon change once global warming (which specifically is caused by the Reptilians) warms up Russia enough for the Reptilians to live there. <–I did not steal this idea from the movie The Arrival by the way. You know, The Arrival, that really cool movie starring the best actor ever Charlie Sheen.

Anyway, the reptilian controlled Fed is just inches away from controlling our healthcare. But most importantly, the reptilian controlled Fed has already infiltrated our lives by using the North American Union outlined in NAFTA. This North American Union and its sister the European Union will control the mass of people and sooner or later grow into a one world government under the auspice of the UN. This is happening as we speak. I am not lying. I’d identify who these people are but I surely would be killed.

I submit to you this unifying field theory of conspiracy theories. I hope you believe me and I hope you pass this information on as soon as possible because I might not be alive for much longer. NASA agents are already following me to my car and harassing me.

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