Disinformation About the Denver Airport Continues to Spread

I’ve recently pointed out the importance of being a legitimate fringe conspiracy theorist and being skeptical of conspiracy theorists that might have actually been in on it all along. Unfortunately, the epicenter of all the real conspiracies has been the subject of a campaign of disinformation. Take for example William Tapley:


First of all, he doesn’t know the basic facts. Denver International is shaped like a swastika because it is run by the Nazi reptilian New World Order. It’s O’hare airport that’s shaped like a penis because they are in league with the Penis Aliens of Proxima Centauri. This is enough to make me think Tapley might be an amateur, but it’s the next piece of evidence that convinced me. If you look at timestamp 2:44 you’ll notice him singing hypnotically. Perhaps he is trying to embed subliminal messages into the public to further some clandestine agenda. I don’t know for sure what those might be, but they are certainly centered on distracting us from the shape-shifting reptoids that run our government. He may even be one of them. After all, he claims to be the “third eagle of the apocolypse.” Doesn’t this beg the question of what happened to the first and second eagles of the apocalypse? It’s possible that they are buried in his back yard, or possibly dumped into a river. We may never know for sure.

Another unqualified conspiritorialist is Annalee Newitz. She posts at length about the evil horse statue at the Denver Airport without even realizing that the statue was put there as a red herring to distract from the mural that decloaks!

This mural might seem normal now, but that is only because it is decloaked in this picture.

The mural is the key to understanding the entire conspiracy. Just keep looking at it until it recloaks and you’ll understand. Those who are in on it are compelled to accidentally leave clues and this one exposes the entire nazi reptoid plot to poison the planet with the help of the freemasons. I get the impression that Newitz has had the wool pulled over her eyes like so many sheeple. She even reposts that reptilian collaborator Tapley’s videos. Not to mention Jesse Ventura. I have no idea what Ventura is up to, but it’s surely sinister.

As always, do your own research and discover your own facts.

Assange is Clearly a Reptilian and Time Traveler

A lot of people believe that as a professional conspiracy theorist, I must be proud of the work of Julian Assange, Wikileaks’ #1 guy, for revealing lots of government secrets.

But clearly Julian Assange is probably distraction #1. None of the secrets revealed by Wikileaks were aliens bodies, secret star gates, Bilderberg documents, one world government depopulation plans, fake moonlanding(s), Kennedy and Lincoln assassination plots revealed, etc.
This means one of two things: Julian assange is a reptilian or all of the conspiracy stuff I’ve been reporting for the last 30 years is less probable. I think it is obvious which one is true. I mean Building 7 of the WTC must have come down due to TNT. So clearly the government is sinister enough to fake the moonlanding, almost kill the Apollo astronauts, and do all this other conspiracy stuff. And no one can doubt the truth of Building 7’s destruction and how it proves the massive reptoid conspiracy. Thus, it proves Julian Assange is in on the conspiracy.

I know what you are thinking: where does the conspiracy end? Well, all of us might be in on the conspiracy. Our brains might be partitioned so that half of them secretly follow reptilian orders. Also, half of our brains might be reptilians. This might explain alien hand syndrome.

Perhaps the true conspiracy here is about Julian Assange’s connection to Bill Maher. As evidenced by the use of Macintosh computers in the 1950s, and cellular telephones in Charlie Chaplin movies, clearly our timeline is infested with time-travelers. Is it possible that Julian Assange has, at some point in the future time-traveled back to our time as an old man?

Currently the puppet government of the UK wants to arrest Assange. Clearly what will happen is that Assange will escape, hide for 20 years and then time travel back to get a job as a political comedian! It all makes sense! So we can conclude that due to causality, Assange will not in fact be arrested. But, clearly he is an agent of the reptilians, so our best hope is to have the UK authorities arrest and beat to death Bill Maher.

As always, do your own research and discover your own facts.

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The 4th Reich?

Many other conspiracy theorists like Jim Marrs think the 4th Reich is coming up. This is a distraction to prevent you from realizing that Reichs 2 and 3 were a distraction from the first Reich’s continued domination. It is possible of course that I am mistaken and that we are in the grip of the 0th Reich or even the .8 Reich. The worst Reich of them all is the ∞ reich, which has the influence of all Reichs imaginable.

Some theorists have speculated the existence of many other n-1 Reichs. There could even be a Reich that all other Reichs owe their existence; the unreiched reicher. Other conspiracy theorists make a priori arguments for a prime Reich that controls everything. It involves arguing that a Reich imagined must lead us to conclude an actual existing Reich because only a real existing “Perfect Reich” could have given us that idea. This last theory comes from the great conspiracy theorist, Anselm of Canterbury.

The 1st Reich or Zeroth Reich or whatever Reich is so powerful that its very existence actually creates evidence for its nonexistence. This is why Anselm’s argument for the Reich is so pivotal. Just the idea that you can conceive of an all powerful evidence-destroying Reich means it must exist.

Anyway, you ever wonder why politicians’ speeches make no sense sometimes? Because the part of the speech that makes no sense only makes sense to the Reich which is probably controlled by Reptilians. But I am open to the idea that it isn’t. That is how open-minded I am.
There might even be Unicorn Reichs as well. But I will not go there. That’s for the unicorns to figure out.

And the reason politicians look all shifty eyed is not only because they are untrustworthy, but because they are staring at their perhaps reptilian audiences in hyper space. So they can multiply stare. If they are licking their lips as well, that’s probably just because they’re reptiles and not connected to their secret motives.

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The Truth About Crop Circles

Crop Circles are a mere distraction. What is truly underway is a massive plot to create “crop squares.” These appear everywhere and are so mathematically complex they could not have been made by man.

What are these cryptic symbols trying to say?

Before there were crop squares there were crop triangles and even before that there were crop line segments. What’s next, crop pentagons? Is this some kind of test to see if we can name the next pattern? Perhaps we should start mowing out signals of our own to complete the IQ test, so to speak. Otherwise we might find all of us culled.

Farmers deny anything is amiss with the phenomenon of crop squares, but that’s because they fear for their lives if they should talk out against their reptilian paymasters.

What are the reptilians planning? We can’t be sure, all we know for sure is that the Freemasons are definitely, probably, 64% not involed with it. But on the very unlikely chance that it is connected to the Freemasons, then it all comes down to sacred geography. The masons were map-worshipers and practiced great rituals surrounding contour cartography. An anonymous tip led me to believe that they have a secret stash of crop maps that predict the placement of squares and polygons throughout the country…but the Freemasons probably not involved with this one. No, this has reptoid written all over it.

And what about more complicated patterns, such as this one?

It looks vaguely like a fox. Perhaps these are a counter-sign against the reptoids from the mysticfox god, Aguara of the Chiriguano people. What do they mean? I asked a Native American to decipher it and he told me “fuck off” which must be in some native dialect that I couldn’t translate.

Skeptics claim that the whole of crop circle phenomenon was a hoax perpetuated by Doug Bower and David Chorley. They came forward to confess in 1991 after Bower’s wife suspected him of spending his late nights having an affair. He confessed the whole thing publicly to clear his name of the scandal. However, if you scratch beyond the surface you’ll see that this confession was a cover for his affairs. Not only is he sleeping around on his wife, but he is probably sleeping with your wife as we speak.

One of the proofs that aliens might be behind this is that there are crop formations showing alien crafts creating crop circles. How does that prove anything you might ask? The proof that this is accurately depticing aliens making crop circles are these other crop depictions of the depictions being made of aliens making the crop circles. In fact, this whole argument is very circular.

It is important to remember that sometimes crop circles/crop squares look like they could be made by man, which is to distract us away from the nonhuman makers of the shapes.

As always, do your own research and discover your own facts!

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Tinfoil Hats

It is a myth that conspiracy theorists wear tin foil hats as tin foil actually makes it easier for the government to read your brain. Really rubber hats are best. In a pinch a simple latex hat will suffice. Wearing a rubber can also prevent the spread of psychically transmitted diseases.

Tin foil hats have spread throughout our culture as a means to a Reptilian End. Really, the only people out there wearing tin foil hats are the gullible or the Retpoidkind. Many people do not know this about the Jews but the reason why they wear their skullcaps is because ancient Jewish sages knew that Reptilians would be listening in on brain waves and as a result this tradition has been passed down. The secret to skullcaps of course is that they have a non-conductive rubber interior that keeps brain signals from reaching Reptoids.

Our current Pope (and many popes before him) is clearly a Reptoid due to the Pope’s gigantic Reptilian brainwave amplifier hat. That’s not even mentions how the Pope hat serves the dual purpose of cloaking his Reptilian nature.

The recent controversy surrounding the Vatican covering up of sex scandals is actually a complete distraction and disinformation. These so-called pedophile priests are actually good citizens being shifted around to different areas of the globe in order to hide them from the media. These Vaticanians are constantly cloaked and decloaked in a frenzy in order to confuse the public.

By the way, dare I ask why Catholics do communion and continuously drink wine during mass? It is because ethyl alcohol is an essential vitamin to the Reptoid kind. You fill in the details.

Do your own research and discover your own facts!

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Do not Trust Jesse Ventura!

Don’t trust Jesse Ventura. He’s in on the conspiracy. Why else would he dismiss conspiracies involving Reptilian shapeshifters from other conspiracies unless he truly is one of them!

He's pretty good at disguising his reptilian form. The better they are at looking human, the more likely it is they are reptoids.

Before I go deep into why Ventura cannot be trusted I think an important question must be asked first and foremost. Where was Ventura on 9/11? One might expect that he was in his gubernatorial mansion on that tragic day but where’s the video evidence of that? To this day I have found no video evidence of him being in Minnesota’s capitol building. See!? Conspiracy!

Sure it might be controversial that I accuse Ventura of being in on the conspiracy but I’ve taken flak for accusing David Ickes of being a Reptilian conspirator. This has caused some of my followers to wonder if I myself am also a conspiracy insider. I understand that. But I think my followers should go farther than that and look at themselves in the mirror and see if they might be reptilians too. The conspiracy is so deep that we might all be in on it without even knowing we are!

Do your own research and discover your own facts!

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The Nature of Spring Heeled Jack

Long before there was sufficiently advanced spring technology, there was a guy called Spring Heeled Jack, who would jump around on spring feet, expectorating blue flames. Seriously , who was this guy?

Spring Heeled Jack often would appear in dark areas or the darkest hours of the night. He would often claw at people’s clothing near their bellies. He never did kill them or at least didn’t kill the ones that didn’t disappear. He loved to wear a cape. It’s possible that this cape could’ve been some cloaking device but it is highly unlikely since he left behind his cape once and the London police never discovered any cloaking devices in it.

One thing I speculate is that maybe there is some Spring Heeled Jill out there. Perhaps Springheeled Jack and Jill have spring heeled children. And perhaps they go home to their spring heeled house to pet their spring heeled cats and dogs (perhaps the type of dog is a spring heeled dachshund?)?

I have to say, I am a bit perplexed since he doesn’t seem to behave Reptilian. None of the descriptions depict him as being shifty eyed or having rapid tongue movement. Also, what’s with the blue flame vomiting? Can anyone explain that? Additionally, no one reported any black hot air balloons in the vicinity (black hot air balloons were the 19th century equivalent of black helicopters) whenever he was sighted. So this creature is odd and very different from typical Men in Black/Reptoid New World Order characters. The fact that he springs about also probably makes him unsuitable for hollow earth environments.

Although I could be wrong. It is possible however that maybe a hollow earth environment could be compatible with a Spring Heeled Jack specimen, after all… IF you take into account the Guatemalan sink hole. But I think that it is more likely to be a subspecies of S.H.J. (known as the Spring Heeled Juan). A pertinent question to ask is who was Spring Heeled Jaun and who was he and how slender was he? Could he have been part of a race of slender mens?

Be on the look out since they could be springing across the border right now. I told the Arizona governer that she better build a really tall fence to prevent these damned Spring Heeled Juans from expectorating blue flames at our jobs. She told me she’d get right on that so I’ll have to check back in with her later.

As always, do your own research and discover your own facts!
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