Cogito ergo I am right!: How to Think for Yourself

By Amateur Philosopher Penny Ham

Here are some tips on how to think for yourself.

Think about everything everyone ever told you and evaluate it by your own standards regardless of how irrational those standards are. If those standards are rational, then other people who use those rational standards would be thinking like you and so you’d be thinking like them. But you don’t want that. You want to think for yourself.

Unless of course your standards are the most rational and you can prove that to yourself by your own standards. Then you are definitely thinking for yourself since you’re not thinking like other people because they’re not thinking like you. Good job.

Stop thinking for other people. It’s pretty easy to think for yourself when you have less people needing your helpful thoughts and ideas all the time. Just ditch ‘em – even if that means they’ll act self-threateningly stupid. Go somewhere alone and think for yourself. Pretty simple.

It’s possible that you find yourself in a situation where someone is thinking for you. One way to remedy this is by thinking that they’re right and that by your own standards you should let them continue to think for you. This isn’t a continual process of thinking for yourself but at least you let yourself think for you about how you felt about someone thinking for you and you decided to let them continue.

Thinking for yourself isn’t easy. Let’s face it. Start off by letting an imaginary demagogue version of yourself think for you. Then become that demagogue. This might help you think for yourself or it might just make you turn into a demagogue? Or both?

Thinking for yourself may involve ditching slave morality i.e. respecting people as moral ends-in-themselves. You may find yourself in jail for theft, arson, genocide, but, hey, at least you’re thinking for yourself.

On the other hand thinking for yourself might mean becoming completely rational and purging yourself of all of your desires (since your desires might be manipulating your proper independent rational thinking mind). This may make you a completely boring person but at least you’re a fully rational autonomous being.

As stated earlier, thinking for yourself is not an easy or an easily definable thing. If thinking for yourself is not for you, then at least find someone you perceive as arrogant. In all likelihood they’re probably thinking for themselves and can accommodate you in thinking. Whether or not their thinking is any good is anyone’s guess but at least they think it’s good. Probably.

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