Cogito ergo I am right! #4: Robot Communism

By Amateur Philosopher Penny Ham

A specter is haunting America. The specter is Robot Communism.

Karl Marx saw history in terms of group conflict. The group conflict involved ownership over the means of production. As technology advanced, group conflict over the means of production would resolve itself into a new kind of group conflict. According to Marx, the group conflict will eventually terminate and an era of communism would come about. Marx was almost right but communism can be easily fixed if robots are thrown into the picture. Thus, robot communism is the future and not mere communism.

The first stage of conflict was between the free and the slaves. Society during this period was composed of patricians, knights, plebians, and slaves. But the spectrum was clear. Free on one end and slaves on the other. Technology progressed and the conflict resolved itself, spelling a new stage for history.

The second stage was the conflict between feudal lords and serfs. Society was more progressive during this time than the previous stage because serfs were better off than their slave ancestors. But technology developed some more and the conflict resolved itself and produced the third stage of history.

The third stage of history is where we find ourselves now: the conflict between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. Our society is now more simplified and more conflicted between two disparate groups: the rich and the poor. The poor have more rights than their serf predecessors. The antagonism resolves itself in a unique and completely different way.

Marx believed that after the bourgeoisie and proletariat class struggle ended, the last stage and final resolved stage would be communism. Communism would mean the creation of a classless society where everyone would have equality and good paying jobs and a good life.

Well, Marx was almost right but he was off by about 200-300 years. Marx significantly underestimated the amount of time it would take for capitalism to produce communism. The coming of the robots in capitalism will spell the beginning of communism.

As technology progresses the situation of the working class will only improve. We have a long way to go but computers and robots are slowly becoming more and more integrated and we are slowly seeing the integration of robot workers in our lives. For example, robots help make our automobiles in the automobile industry. Eventually robots will begin to become more anthropomorphic and when that happens, robots will be in competition with humans in the job market.

Anthropomorphic robots will be problematic at first since a lot of people in the lower part of the job market are going to start losing their jobs but after that we will only see our lives improve rapidly. When robots begin performing the brute jobs that humans already perform, this means those kinds of jobs do not need to be paid for. But who needs to get paid? Well, the engineers. But what is going to happen soon after that? The engineers are going to be replaced by robots because the robots can work on other robots.

Meanwhile, the people who are laid off from these lower level jobs by robots are going to be spoiled by these same robots at home. Why? Because robots are going to work for them for free. In such a world no one has to work for wage anymore because robots will work for nothing and work for anyone. But robots are not everything, right? They can work but they cannot dream. Thus human beings will “work” together in mutual cooperation in the areas of theoretical science, philosophy, art, and anywhere else that requires the creative imagination. When we are in this era, we will all know finally that we are part of Robot Communism.

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