Cogito ergo I am right #9: Overanalyzing

By Amateur Philosopher Penny Ham

I have a friend who thinks that analyzing has its limits. He told me that I analyze things to a degree that is unnecessary. Yeah, that’s just not possible! I analyzed the possibility of over-analyzing things and, yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s just not possible!

I stated back to my friend that the concept of over-analyzation is ridiculous! It is impossible to pick things apart too much. However, I did tell him that I should learn to control what I say outloud as I analyze things (that he or anyone else would consider unnecessary analyzation). I suppose severe levels of analytical thought are ok as long as one does not do this among fellow hominads who do not enjoy this activity.

Someone once said that things lose their beauty once you begin to apply theories to them. That person clearly has no interest in thinking! I must admit, things are beautiful by first impression but things are also as beautiful or more when you theoretically explain or understand them. Of course, I could make the claim that first impressions are theory-laden, that is, you can’t have first impressions without having theoretical concepts attached to them. But, boy would that claim be annoying to someone who didn’t want to think about it!

I would like someone to point out to me where analyzing becomes unnecessary. Unfortunately, if they did that, then they’d be analyzing to a degree that would annoy even them. How self-defeating! The only instances where I can think of analyzation becoming unnecessary is in fun situations that involves group activity.

Also, there are situations where analyzation becomes a problem when it is irrelevant to the task at hand. If you are solving a problem in physics, and you are analyzing an object in terms of its genetics or non-genetics, rather than trying to, say, determine the velocity of the object, then your analysis is irrelevant to the problem at hand. Perhaps this is fundamentally why people get bothered when people overanalyze. They are annoyed by those who analyze objects or concepts that are irrelevant to their own goals of understanding. Oh well!

I suppose I should rethink everything I just wrote. I am definitely right given what I currently think but I could prove myself wrong later. Probably will. Well, whatever the answer is, I’ll definitely be right about it once I determine it!

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