A Letter from TRUTHSeeker101

I would like to share a letter written to me by TRUTHSeeker101 about his/her anecdote of a possible alien encounter of the 4th kind. Here is the letter with my response below.

I want to SHARE with YOU a particulate event. Me and my friend are REAL TRUTH SEEKERZ! Unlike those other 14 year olds in my high school, we really care about the things that REALLY matter! So, me and my friend snuck out of our house at 3 am so that we can get abducted by aliens. This way we could learn about their sinister plot and learn how to stop them. I went with a crossbow just in case they might be REAL SINISTER. When we got there we signaled our flash light into the sky and no one landed. COINCIDENCE? This means that they must have known ahead of time what we were up to by reading our thoughts and preemptively did not land.

Also a week later my friend’s Pepsi went missing. We think that one of those aliens might have taken IT!!!!! I had a dream a few days later of a guy named Tom. And then the next day too I had this same DREAM. The weird thing is he looked HUMANOID but not completely. He also had this surfer accent. These aliens are really weird. And then I thought back to that event that happened a week ago and I couldn’t remember all the minutes throughout the day when we went to confront the aliens in the park. That was missing TIME wasn’t it? Crap.


It seems to me that this event you encountered might actually be real true alien abduction. Usually people are very confused weeks later about things that happened to them. They’re never as confused the day of. Your missing Pepsi is not a classical sign but Zetas might have a love for high fructose corn syrup the way any organic organism – terrestrial or not – should.

It’s a bit disturbing to me that you only went with a crossbow. Zetas respond better to Barrett M107 .50 caliber sniper rifles. See if your parents have some that you can take with you next time. Make sure it’s laser sighted as lasers are really cool.

As always do your own research and discover your own facts!

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