Fuck You, Peter Singer! #3-4

For some reason, all of the hate mail ever written to Peter Singer gets forwarded to us. We have no idea why. So we’ve decided to start posting them.

Dear Peter Singer,
How dare you call yourself a moral philosopher, you shit for brains! My husband followed your advice to the letter, he did everything in the name of your thoughtless diatribes. Now he’s in jail for infanticide. Yes, infanti-fucking-cide. He killed our down syndrome baby in order to keep it from living a life of pain and inability. Well, guess what, fuck head, things aren’t so peaches and cream for us! Now he’s in jail and I’m struggling to keep my job, which is prostitution, and my pimp is gonna beat the living shit out of me. I hope you there is a special place in Hell for you Utilitarians. You want welfare for all, but all you do is create a life of fucking Hell.

-Miserable in Montana

We can’t respond to this criticism since we aren’t Peter Singer.

Dear Peter Singer,
Your moral statements are bullshit. You tell everyone that it’s morally permissible to kill the mentally handicapped, but for SOME REASON, every time I helpfully slit the throat of someone sitting next to me on the bus on the basis that they might be mentally handicapped, I’m hauled off to jail and given a lecture about how it’s in fact immoral and those people weren’t even mentally handicapped. Maybe you should put some more thought into your positions. Just my two cents.

-Slitting in Salem


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