Valid Excuses for not Serving on a Jury

By Agnostic1984 and The Jess

For those of you who wish to avoid jury duty, here is a list of excuses.

-I do not believe in justice, I believe in might is right.

-I do not believe in justice, I only believe in mercy.

-I do not believe in the US Constitution, I only believe in the Code of Hammurabi.

-I do not believe in the rule of law, only in the rule of men.

-I do not believe free will and determinism are compatible but I do believe in determinism. Thus I do not believe in free will and so I do not believe in moral responsibility. Thus I cannot serve in a justice system that is predicated on the concept of moral responsibility.

-I do not believe in jury by your own peers, only in jury by a tribunal.

-I do not believe in justice, only in forgive and forget.

-I do believe in random jury selection, however I do not believe in the particular statistical method that was used to randomly select this jury.

-I do not believe in due process, just that we have a due product.

-I firmly believe everyone is guilty of some atrocity or warcrime, just a matter of time before we uncover what it is.

-I only believe in torture that is executed speedily.

-I believe only in that speedy trial part of the Constitution. That was my favorite part. Everything else was kind of a waste of ink, especially that fair trial part.

-I would be fit to serve in this jury if it wasn’t for the fact that the verdict was already fixed by Zionists ahead of time.

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